the sublime

In recent years, Christine Keruth concentrated on a series of works in which she focusse son the conflict between nature and human freedom. Immanuel Kant describes in his „Critique of Judgment“ dramatic natural phenomena on the most extreme scale: bold, overhanging, as it were threatening rocks, thunderclouds towering in the sky, accompanied by lightning and crashes, volcanoes in all their destructive violence, hurricanes with their devastation left behind, the boundless ocean, set in outrage, a high waterfall of a mighty river, etc. (…). 

The Berlin artist is concerned with his work and the confrontation of the aesthetics between the beautiful and the sublime. She shows snapshots of roaring and foaming ocean waves, in which the experience of powerful movements of the water water can be just as fascinating as immersing oneself in the haptics of her drawing material. Her wave drawings draw us under their spell. Especially in the worldwide current discourse on human-induced climate change, these images make us aware of the the smallness of mankind in relation to the elemental forces and at the same time their and at the same time their perceived power.

About the technique

With her so-called silverpoint drawings, she takes up the heyday of this material technique in the 15th century. However, while these were created on primed paper, the artist develops the technique further and draws with innovative materials on canvas.